Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oreo Cookie Dessert

1 box Oreo Crumbs
(or 1 lg bag crushed Oreo's)
1 stick Butter
1 (8oz) Cream Cheese
2 (8oz) Cool Whip
1 lg Instant Chocolate Pudding

1st layer
Melt Butter - mix with Oreo Crumbs press into bottom of 13x9 pan to form bottom layer of crust (save enough to sprinkle on top layer)

2nd layer
Mix Cream Cheese & 1 container Cool Whip
Beat until mixed, spread w/ fingers carefully

3rd layer
Make pudding according to the directions
Pour over

4th layer
1 container of Cool Whip - Spread

Sprinkle with non-buttered Oreo Crumbs - refrigerate and serve chilled

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